How do I access My Registry online?

• Log onto & enter in your username + password (( create account if you haven’t already \\ yay join the g o l d e n team! ))

• Under our HOME + GIFT tab click on My Registry

• Enter in passcode


I can't log in to My Registry :: H E L P!

• We are here to help Y O U! Please send us an email to & we can double check on your My Registry account password. We are here to help 24hours/7 days a week!


How long does it take for My Registry to show up online?

• Once you have created your My Registry, you will be notified within 24 hours with the list of items you registered for and 2-3 days after your registry will appear online at


Items are showing up as purchased on My Registry but I haven't received them yet?

• The gift giver chose to send to their address and give the gift to you personally! (yay)

• The item was recently purchased and is shipped / still in transit!

• The item is on backorder or yet to be shipped (( the gift giver will be notified if an item is on backorder and we will update all items on your registry ))


What if event date, address, or other personal information has changed?

• You may change all of your information through your account log in at ••




What if I want to add more items to My Registry?

• A B S O L U T E L Y /// you may add items to your registry in-store and online!

     •• In-store : let our staff know which items you would like added.

     •• Online : please email with the items you would like added.


Can the price of an item change after I add it onto My Registry?

• The only way it would change is if the item goes on sale.  You will be notified prior to this happening to see if you are still interested in this item.


Can I add sale items to My Registry?

• Yes! Be cautious however that sale / seasonal items aren’t always guaranteed. 


Is there a discount on items remaining on My Registry after event?

• Treat yo’self to 20% off ALL remaining items on your My Registry (( Bridal + Baby O N L Y )). Offer is valid for 30 days AFTER your event date.


Can items be purchased both in-store and online?

• Yes! All items are available both in-store and online and are updated once an item has been purchased in any location, in-store and online.


What is your return policy for My Registry?

• Returns are offered 30 days after event date for in-store credit O N L Y. 


What if an item comes damaged?

• Oops! We are sorry! We will exchange the damaged item for you + replace with a brand one.


What if I receive duplicate gifts?

• Unless specified for when you registered, please bring in the duplicate item to one of our store locations or email us at and we will send you a return label for the item to be shipped back to us. 


Am I able to return gifts purchased from My Registry?

• Yes you have up to 30 days AFTER event date to return items for in-store credit O N L Y.


How soon will My Registry show that items have been purchased?

• Your My Registry will be updated automatically online & in-store as soon as the item has been purchased.

• It will say SOLD OUT online once purchased and unavailable.




How do I create My Registry?

• In-store : let any of our staff members know that you are interested in creating your g o l d e n My Registry and we will get you set up with your My Registry packet!

• Online : please send us your contact information at or email us at and we will then be in contact with you to set up the next steps!


When should I register?

• We require 2 months BEFORE event date (Wedding + Bridal) // other occasions [baby, birthday, anniversary, other] 3-4 weeks before event date. This is to help benefit you + your guests, giving enough notice of registry information!


How many items can we register for?

• As many as your g o l d e n heart desires! There is no limit, the more the better! 


Can I register for Gift Cards?

• Yes! 


How long will My Registry be available for after event?

• It will be available for 30 days after your event date and can still be accessed in-store and online.


Do all Kittsona locations offer Registries?

• Y E S! Each Kittsona location offers My Registry in-store AND online! Don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff members or email us at & we would be h a p p y to get your started! 


I don't live near a Kittsona store location (sad face) •• Can I register online?

• Y E S! Please do! You can contact us at and we will be h a p p y to help you set up your My Registry from here! [ Y A Y ]


How do I let my guests know about My Registry?

• You can share your My Registry online link + password on your invites! 


Where can guests purchase items from My Registry?

• Items on your registry can be purchased in-store at any of our locations or online! All of our locations have access to your My Registry information!


Can I drop a hint about items featured on My Registry?

• Please do! Share the love for what you l o v e! 




How do I find a certain registry I am looking for?

• In-store : Let our staff know you are shopping for a specific registry and we will be able to print off their items for you.

• Online : >> HOME + GIFT Tab >> click on My Registry & enter in the passcode provided for that specific party.


I can't see the person/couples shipping information, how do I send a gift to them from their registry?

• We have the shipping address on file.  If you would like the item shipped directly to the person/persons - PLEASE specify in the comment section of your online order.  Or let any of our staff know in-store where you would like the item to be shipped.


Do you ship outside the U.S? What is the shipping fee?

• We ship anywhere + e v e r y w h e r e! The shipping fee is applied online if we are shipping outside of the United States. 


Will the item(s) be shipped with a gift receipt?

• Yes.  The invoice will act as a gift receipt with return policy explained. 


Do family + friends need a passcode to view/purchase from My Registry?

• Yes for online access! You will be provided with the passcode that you can share with your family + friends.  You don’t need a passcode to view your registry in-store, just the First + Last name of party. 


Do you offer gift wrapping?

• Unfortunately no, however all of our products are wrapped with g o l d e n love! (( tissue paper + golden packaging + m o r e ))